Even if the brain of MisterShortcut was crafted to hold 1,000 times what a normal person considers,
there are many people in the world decidedly smarter than MisterShortcut, so the idea is to find them.
Genius recognizes talent, while mediocrity cannot see beyond itself. At an early age, this search began.
Seeking out the best of the best in every field of human endeavor, the same shortcuts kept showing up.
Those shortcuts empowered MisterShortcut to shatter an unprecedented number of world records.
Leaders and teachers such as Bernie Kellogg or Arthur R. Marzigliano fueled them with method.

Those shortcuts are the foundation of the Path of Better Shortcuts and all it represents.
Using them brings you benefit in as little as a matter of minutes or even seconds.
Give any ten people a glass of freshly-made vegetable and fruit juice,
and all ten will enjoy benefits within ten to twenty seconds.
There are no known exceptions to this perfect fact.
That's what qualifies it as a true PowerGem.
PowerGems are your universal shortcuts.
If the naysayers knew any better,
they would certainly do better.
Since they do not,
why not listen to those who do?
Masters, millionaires, champions, billionaires.
Those who do it the best, know and show it the best
As the only human in history to read fifteen thousand books,
MisterShortcut does not invite you to heed his personal opinions.
the Path of Better Shortcuts invites you to heed the benefit of mastery:
those who do it better know it better; the Path of Better Shortcuts knows better.
One hundred percent of the shortcuts shared in the Path of Better Shortcuts are in use.
They have existed, for the most part, for many dozens of consecutive generations of masters.
That's why Dr Path of Better Shortcuts, et alia, are free for your life.
Since you cannot afford to buy you can pay for it with free clickthroughs.
Each clickthrough on the food buttons saves a human life. When you've done it a thousand times, you're in.

That's what makes you a full-fledged member and partner of the Path of Better Shortcuts.
Your wealth will come to you from sources you least expect... and most expect.
People who think they know it all are an interference to those of us who do.

"Pay" for the Path of Better Shortcuts saving lives with free clicks
YOU are making the difference
Corporate sponsors purchase 1.1 cups of staple food for starving people as a result of our free clicks.
When you click this food button and the one that pops open you save a human life... at no charge to you.
There is no more noble effort within the Path of Better Shortcuts.   What goes around....

Best shortcuts for this and best shortcuts for that,
you'll be pulling your best shortcuts right out of your hat.
Shortcuts exist in all of our lives, used by grandmas,
uncles, husbands and wives.

Longshoremen, dancers, dilettante romancers,
all using shortcuts to find better answers.

Use your great shortcuts, the best that you have,
use them with pride to brighten your lives.
There is no shame in shortcuts,
there is no game in shortcuts,
they simply provide us
with passage through doorways.

Grounded eagles, corporate thieves,
angelic doctors, pontifical proctors,
all use shortcuts to achieve their means,
action trumps the fiction of your hill of beans.
It all comes to naught when it's you that you serve,
wake up use your shortcuts if you still have the nerve.
Through all things human within our lives and without,
you'll find yourself using shortcuts, without any doubt.
Just use them for all, spreading waves of devotion.
for shortcuts prevent the solipsitic notion.
Shortcuts and secrets, shortcuts and more,
you will find your best shortcuts
pry open that door.