Bodyscans | Seeking Healthier and Saferr Approache To General Health and Healing
with the Bodyscan2010 and all its worthy successors and descdants

The Bionetics Phazx BodyScan 2010 | Safer, Healthier Approaches to Healing... Naturally!

The Bionetics Phazx BodyScan 2010 (the BodyScan) uses biofeedback to monitor the flow of energy through the body. There's good reason to look at the Bodyscan, and just why Bodyscans are growing in popularity, even as the Bodyscan2010's successors, such as Spectra-Vision and OndaMed, take large steps into the field of natural approaches to healing yourself effectively, and safely.

It's hard not be impressed at how powerful, how effective good biofeedback devices are, through use of this knowledge of energy flow along the acupuncture meridians, in a similar way to traditional Chinese medicine. What multiplies its value is the program's electronic duplication of many thousands of precisely unique signatures of the substances we're regularly exposed to. Determining what you personally are sensitive to is a major boon to health care.

The energy flow of a particular subject correlates with his or her degree of health and wellness. The science of electricity and electronic signatures has been established in many of the past century's technological achievements. Here, it's used to benefit the human condition. Unlike medical diagnosticians, who make educated guesses, the Bodyscan doesn't guess. It duplicates something more detailed than a fingerprint.

The developers of this device claim that the BodyScan's capacity to detect imbalances in energy flow provides the ability to identify stress imbalances on a sub-clinical level. Therefore, through the study of energy flow, the BodyScan can detect potential ailments before they have time to physically emerge. More often than not, a skilled practitioner can tell YOU what's bothering you, or has bothered you in the past, without you saying a word. That's how accurate the d