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With each passing day, the uniquity of your own personal existence should grow.
That has two different meanings or interpretations, and whether you choose one,
or take on both of them as your challenge, time is passing so and too quickly, hm?
Make it your business to shine, because your life IS your business, your most vital.

Make your own Path of Healthiest Living and Path of Better Shortcuts count for more.
After all, the way that you spend your minutes is the way that you're spending your life.
The Path of Healthiest Living and Path of Better Shortcuts are about changing spending...

...to investing.     Go ahead, give that some thought.

Let's feed those who are hungrier than you by giving, at no cost to you.
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EyeCandy.     All to engage your delight because learning that is fun tends to stick.

EyeCandy is just the beginning, to draw your interest to
pursuing the best of your untapped potential, developing better, faster results.
Then and only then will you be in a position to profoundly help the world.

In return for helping you to become the giant you were born to be,
your contract is accepted for you to remember whence you came,
that you did not attain such inspiring achievements all alone,
and understand that the more you reach down to help people up,
the more you advance your own cause, your own set of pursuits.

Look down on someone only when you reach down to help them up.
The payoff is huge.     Go ahead, feed a hungrier person today,
and you'll have moved up a notch at the Path of Better Shortcuts.

Make it happen.   After all, it's your life.