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You're visiting the biggest personal we are likely to find, the largest personal website in the world.
These are the shortcuts of achievers and champions - of masters and millionaires.
You might refer to it as the Path of Better Shortcuts.
3,100,000 minutes of high-level focus        
All for you to succeed - to become your own master, millionaire, champion, billionaire.
Thus is the Path of Better Shortcuts

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Developing success is a choice; it is not a function of circumstance.
George Bernard Shaw, brilliant as he was, took until his ninetieth birthday.
That's right, he was past ninety when his first play was produced on Broadway.
His success was not instant; it was a result of many smaller bits of self-empowerment.
You get to accelerate your success using the best and most powerful shortcuts of all time.
Empower yourself today by looking for people who are already doing it better than you.
These people, when approached politely with a complimentary letter or phone call,
have a magnificently high rate of responding in ways that can help you win.
Dare to approach YOUR masters and champions for a bit of mentoring.
Invite them to lunch, asking them to mentor you for just one lunch.
Most of those who MisterShortcut contacted responded well.
Self-empowerment cannot be achieved on your behalf.
You need to make just one tiny improvement, daily!
In days, the Path of Better Shortcuts will kick in.
If you're hungry enough, it only takes minutes.
Shhhh. Less talking, and more doing.
Empowering yourself immediately...
with YOUR best shortcuts.