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the Path of Better Shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.

the Path of Better Shortcuts.

NO MATTER WHAT IT IS YOU WISH TO BUY, you can always find a better deal.
That doesn't mean driving yourself crazy over petty purchases, it means staying alert;
alert to opportunities all around us to generate money or to save money, especially in stores.
Printed price tags in stores are hardly inscribed in stone. Use your mental tools to get better prices.
For example, the more time a salesman spends with you, the more likely you can get him to drop the price.
No matter what he or she tells you, this is true more than eighty percent of the time. Use it to your advantage!.

If you can't think of three reasons for the seller to give you a discount, then try just one.
Try it a few times, making certain that you don't just lay down and accept a "No!".
Simply smile and give them another reason to give you a discount.
The higher the cost of the item, the higher the savings.
These are additional dollars staying in your pocket,
to be used for better investments in your future.
Stop accepting retail prices without question.
It's ridiculous, and, so sorry, tends to...
well, yes, it makes the buyer look silly.
Ask for a better price.   Then ask again.
the Path of Better Shortcuts means NOW.
the Path of Better Shortcuts IS now.
The more you get "into" life,
the more it gets into you.
Your timer never stops.