Natural Medicines

Let natural medicines surprise you with efficacy.
Learning more has a tendency to help us live more, naturally.
Take dangerous chemicals, or first try several natural medicines?
You tell us every pharmaceutical drug has lethal or bad side effects?
You say our natural medicines and foods have no dangerous side effects?
You aim to pay or authorize payment of tens of thousands of dollars for drugs?
You say that natural medicines generally cost under a thousand dollars per ailment?
Forgive me if I in any way sound recalcitrant. Only as a last resort will I consider drugs.
Seven years after being told I was a full-blown diabetic, I have never taken a dose of insulin.
Only rarely have the tiny tell-tale shakes associated with sugar imbalance ever shown themselves.
Why? That's easy: diet and stress management; eating foods that that feel good: vegetables, fruits, water.
Learning not to sweat the small stuff, and understanding that everything is small stuff, it's become a richer life.
Told by two doctors that only surgery could stop the prostate pain, but would leave me impotent and using diapers,
I chose to acquire ten bottles of concentrated saw palmetto and ten bottles of betasitesterol. Maybe two hundred dollars.
That gear-slipping, groin-gripping pain was gone in twenty minutes, and that was quite some time ago. Cheap, fast, natural.
This applies to dozens of the most profitable surgeries and protocols, and prostates generate huge numbers of your dollars.
Why so many men fall victim to greedy men and women who actually cut their patients into incontinence, impotence,
is really quite easy to understand: the pain absolutely overwhelms ee memory of a once-shattered spine.
Nevertheless, there are people who do not want men to know about this fantastically simple approach.
Women have their own special issues that are identical: too many drugs, not enough natural tries.
It's worth noting that the concentrated saw palmetto and the betasitosterol don't heal you!
They each naturally correct imbalances in the system that cause the swelling and pain.
Dealing with causes rather than symptoms has twenty times the helpfulness.
Why not wise up? There are hundreds of natural medicines for us all.
You do not need to become a medical or naturopathic expert.
Learn about what ails you. Look for natural alternatives.
You only need to study whatever is bothering YOU.
Here's the Path of Better Shortcuts guarantee:
Whatever ails you, someone's had it before!
People have found natural medicines for it.
On that foundation, start searching.
Natural medicines work for us all.
With the boost of technology,
natural medicines do work.
Learn more. Live more.
naturally, naturally.
Talk less, do more.
That's a shortcut.
Ergo, do more,

Use your shorcuts and shortcuts, to get fantastically accelerated results.
They work for all humans, including you.
Not just any shortcuts: only the best of the best,
the shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.


Ode To Natural Medicines

Natural medicines here and natural medicines there,
you can yourself natural medicines everywhere.
You see, natural medicines exist in nature,
created by the Almighty Himself,
and all of those drugs,
created by man,
should be place on the back of the shelf.

Natural medicines cause no pain,
and natural medicines bring more gain.
Rx drugs kill, as you know they will,
that's why you need a prescription.
Yet natural medicines, for thousands of years,
have fulfilled a safer description.

Hygea knew that natural medicines,
work better and safer each time,
but her father was stronger, and kept her down,
so iatrogenic deaths continue to climb.

Natural medicines, give me natural medicines,
to heal all my ills and imbalance.
Natural medicines, give me natural medicines,
with nature it's more than a dalliance.

Whether you're now using allopathic approaches or natural medicines, it's important to know what you're doing.
Natural medicines do not kill people, as Rx drugs do so many hundreds of times PER DAY.
Whatever your opinion, the facts on natural medicines promote them above Rx drugs.
You can argue all day long if you like about the efficacy of natural medicines.
You cannot deny that natural medicines are safer than prescription drugs.
The safety difference between natural medicines and Rx drugs is gaping.
The gap between them is staggering: life and death for too many.
Learn more about natural medicines, and about Rx drugs as well.
Ten times out of ten, natural medicines enjoy more success.
Are you surprised by that? Natural medicines DO work,
and, without a doubt, and without exceptions,
natural medicines ARE more effective.

Learn more so you improve the likelihood of living more.
Remember that those who do it better know it thus.
It's not an insult nor any type of putdown.
Those who do it better know it better, hm?
Natural medicines are our best approach.
Natural medicines do not make you sick,
as Rx drugs do, too-often lethally.
So, heal yourself, healthfully,
which means more safely,
as naturally as you can.