Reaching...     for     the     best     in     you.         Who     knows     better     than     Masters     and     Millionaires?    
What you know means very little in the face of what you do with what you know.
Actually, what you DO speaks so loudly you need not say a word.

the Psychology of Longevity reminds you of the power of doubling.
Any number that you double ten times gets three more zeroes.
Repeating this one fantastic process multiplies your sums,
The greatest of all your money and wealth PowerGems.
This is a PowerGem that multiplies wealth repeatedly.
If you knew better, you'd surely do better, hm?
Instantly begin doubling your wealth, now.
Start with just ten percent. That's easy.
You can repeat it ten times to double,
or you can even start at one percent.
and repeat that tiny little step.
100 repetitions of 1 percent?
Indeed, that is a doubling.
Anything you double ten times
gets three more zeroes added on.
Call it a single "cycle," the ultimate of money cycles.
Ten percent per month means doubling every ten months.
In one hundred months you will have six zeroes added on.
So someone starting with a thousand dollars is a billionaire.
One hundred months is too long? That's eight years. Don't be silly.
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Doubling once, and doubling twice,
shortcuts can help you past doubling thrice.
Shortcuts work about as much as do you,
no words you hear can prove as true.
Doubling here and doubling there,
pay close attention, child,
for doubling everywhere.
These are the days of doubling and more,
with shortcuts you cannot buy at the store.
These are the secrets, the PowerGems, the ways,
with which masters and champions fulfill all their days.
Doubling is here for you anytime, the moment that you choose to climb.