The best feature of being the most knowledgeable human of all time,
of having more information stored in one mind than in any other in history;
the tastiest part of having read a book or more per day for fifteen thousand days,
surprising to most people, is not the ability to gather dollars, celebrity, or honors unto oneself.
The most exciting feature of having the greatest mind of all time is the power to transfer it to you.
It is the perfectly irrefutable certitude that all my insight and intelligence can be transferred to you.
As MisterShortcut, I do not merely think this. I have proven it with each of my dedicated students,
those with the brilliant ability to shut up in the presence of those who do it better, and repeatedly.
Atittude is indeed a part of succeeding at any human task. In fact, attitude supersedes aptitude.
The first and most critical factor of genius or brillance or world-class masters never changes.
As soon as you learn to embrace opposing points of view, you are channeled to mastery.

"No matter what you say, you cannot and will not change my mind, now or ever."

These are among the most toxic and hopeless words that we can ever utter.
If no change is tolerable, no improvement is possible. The door is locked.
Regarding religion or mathematics, generating money or health,
flexibility is the single most cirtical hallmark of brilliance.
Unless and until you have broken many world records,
mastery commences when you mimic those who do.
Each record I've broken, shattered, or established,
reading, writing, composing, feeding, and more,
is certainly thanks to those who did it better.
First following on in their steps, repeatedly,
then adding your own personality traits,
your own experiences and knowledge,
you assuredly duplicate their results.
If you knew better, you'd do better.
Today augurs the rest of your life,
in the Psychology of Longevity .
Great wisdom is revealed here,
endowed with instant utility.
Take the great big plunge,
into your own potential.
Your mastery is born.
Power is flexible,


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