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Rescue your own world, with shortcut from the Path of Better Shortcuts.
Created specifically to help you to rescue your own world, helping you to help yourself, by the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

Each of us has a Psychology of Shortcut inside of us; it's a function of childhood.

You knew precisely what was required to get what you wanted.

One day, you suddenly forgot, and never even noticed.
You became aware of yourself socio-sexually, and forgot.
Re-embracing the Path of Better Shortcuts is like coming home.
If you were the type of person strong enough to visit the child within you,
you would remember once again that asking seven times is a near-perfect power.
If you are going to open your mouth, make sure it has something to do with resolution.
Between you and your stated desire or goal, there are obstacles. Focus always on resolution.
In the first twenty-two days of doing so, you are likely to double nearly everything in your life.

This is your time, this is your place,
There is no better time to excel.

Shh. Embrace the best shortcuts of Masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and provably YOUR best Shortcuts to succeeding.
Enjoy, and teach yourself here. the Path of Better Shortcuts is free for your life,
and designed to empower you to rescue your own world... quickly.

Rescue Your Own World

Both political parties continue to enrich themselves hugely and repeatedly to the active impoverishment and death of both soldiers and citizens. Our food budgets across the nation just for feeding government employees, elected or selected, is crazy. What we waste is enough to feed every starving child on earth.

When do you begin to recognize that each of your national politicians are eating, quite parasitically, at the expense of those who can least afford it, parasitically, while active and even wounded soldiers have to pay for their own food? These are no more than a mention of the scores of issues affecting regular citizens,including you, and yet you continue to allow it.

What are you thinking? Why are we looking the other way? Is it because you're not hungry? Your kids haven't felt it yet?

Are you actually telling us that people who have integrity along the lines of Lincoln and Jefferson, Adams and Madame CJ Walker, Benjamin Franklin, Harry S. Truman, don't exist anymore? How is it possible that, in the entire U.S. Senate there is not one single Senator who just gets up on the floor of the Senate to tell it as it really is? How do YOU explain that we do not have even one national leader who's not lining their own pockets or praise or aggrandizement into power?

Did the "Me" generation get turned onto steroids? Do you realize that we do not have even ONE national investigative reporter who's on the level? We used to have Edward R. Murroughs or even Geraldo Rivera. We used to have a Woodward and Bernstein, a Studs Terkel, Howard Zinn, Bill Moyers; each of them had the support of their respective organizations and countless readers and viewers. Now, there is "market share." Let's show them what we think of market share. Stop buying nationally-advertised brands. Now, there is not a single national reporter willing to pursue excellence; only fame and engorged bank accounts.

However rich their personal lifestyles or modest. these honorable human beings led us to question and, often, action - positive, affirmative action -- along with thousands of others like them who have lived lives of such huge nobility and decency. Marie Curie and her husband could care less what they ate or what color the walls were painted. They were on a mission, one they understood had global and long-lasting impact. When Marie Curie knew she was dying from exposure to the substances she was handling, she never slowed a bit; she was committed to a task. That her task happened to be noble does not require YOU to be noble and give up your life.

The Nobility To Rescue Own World

We know and understand and accept that you are not noble. If by no other measure, the amount of gas you personally buy from Mr. Cheney and the Mideast potentates who continue to rape their own societies, we know you're not noble; you've given up nothing for our soldiers. All you had to do was send your "We Support Our Troops" car magnet to the soldiers in Iraq. By covering their vehicles with thousands of such magnets, many lives and ripped off arms and legs would have been saved. Instead, you chose to tell ME that you support our troops, as if I'd believe you.

Go ahead, rescue your own world!

Just because you're not noble, does that mean you can't at least participate at least somewhat? Does this mean you can't at least pretend to be a human being who cares, a human being who recognizes that we all have a stake in your actions? Does the fact that you do NOT want to go the extra step mean you can't go just one or two steps, to call, for example, in the next hour of your life, a dozen of the people you like, asking them to meet at your house and decide as a group what you can and will do immediately to make a difference?

If only because you'll end up richer in more ways than one, if only for selfish reasons, if only to give your kids a bit more of a fighting chance than they have today, can we count on you to invite just a handful of people over for a snack and a worthwhile discussion of issues that affect you and all of us? Turn off your tv, for crying out loud. You're so besotted with repetitious commercials that do actually succeed in getting you to pay triple for the same item just because it's advertised, although it's not safer, it's not cheaper, and it doesn't get your clothes cleaner. Our American chapter that includes this deluge of mindless chatter is coming to a close. Whether it's a growth opportunity for you or whether it's an augur of a really rotten time to be alive is up to you, and not by what you do next week, Sir or Lady Loudmouth Who Talks Without The Support Of Experience. It's based on what you do in these twenty-four hours, and the next, and the next, and the next.

The school systems in America, simply stated. suck. One hundred percent of the fault is in the hands of the parent. It is not possible, today, to find more than ten politicians in the entire nation who are truly honest. Before you speak, no, your Representative or Senator is NOT an exception to this hard, fast rule. You trust thieves with money and then you're surprised that your kids are getting such pitiful educations? Do something, Big Mouth!

It is entirely the fault of the parents who tolerate it. When my gym teacher tore my sweater and threatened me for forgetting my sneakers, my stepfather, who made the gym teacher look rather puny, went down to the school, demanded that the principal produce the gym teacher. My stepfather stuck his finger in the gym teacher's face and told him if he ever put a finger on me again he would come back to the school and break the gym teacher's jaw with the principal's fist. His point was well-taken, and Mr. Robinson or Thompson or whatever his name was did not bother me anymore. The only people in life who get stepped on are those who allowed themselves to be stepped on. When you have no sufficient defense against a big bully, only through united action is a satisfactory resolution quickly arrived at. You and your neighbors need to join together.

The raises, the health care, the cell phones and fine dining, the junkets and so much more under the guise of "Really dahling, one MUST have protocol for visiting royalty. It just wouldn't do!"
More than ninety-five percent of all of your politicians are corrupt.
Tell us, what do you think would happen if all one thousand or two thousand sets of parents show up at the school which their children attend. They do not leave until things get straightened out. You think there would be some changes?

First, let's talk about safety. Fifty parents patrolling the hallways at all times. There are no shortage of parents who are either unemployed or who love their children enough to give up two or three hours per week or per month or whatever the schedule requires. All school violence, which is children against other children, will vastly reduce, and instantaneously. All parents, armed with radios, can summon police quickly since all schools do need to have at least one competent police office on duty during school hours. What's the problem? What are you waiting for? If you're so careless of your children's future, give them up for adoption! Don't wait until your child is screwed out of his or her entire primary education. Do it in these twenty-four hours.

Rescue your own world!

For those few of you who do really and truly love your kids, you need to call five or ten or a hundred other mothers and fathers and invite them to your house for a snack and a discussion about education issues that you can help fix immediately.

Turn off the TV. You're micturating forty hours per week, two thousand per year, a hundred thousand hours of your life gone. Am I an idiot? A hundred thousand hours of playing music and writing books and beaching with my favorite people and helping out my neighbor and enjoying sunsets, traded away to sit in front of a plastic and wooden box with wires in it? A hundred thousand hours of my very short time on earth? Why can't we arrest all parents who allow their kids more than five hours per week of TV?

MacDonald's and Burger King? Let's see: if you feed your child alcohol every day for one hundred days you are subject to go to prison. No human being alive today can possibly survive one hundred days of MacDonald's or Burger King or Wendy's. There is not one chance in a thousand of any human being currently alive of eating strictly fast food for one hundred days and surviving. Think about it; it's been proven repeatedly. Not one chance in a thousand of surviving. Yet, we have people, rich and poor alike, who allow their children to eat these fast foods SEVERAL TIMES PER WEEK. In other words, the child does not die immediately. Instead, every single child whose diet is comprised primarily of fast foods is at this very second nowhere near their own peak level of health. Whether it's overweight or poor cardiovascular function or seventy other primary health problems experienced by those who have high diets of fast food. Yet, no parent has yet been arrested for feeding their children provably poisonous fast food.

Did you know that Burger King adds a nasty chemical to all of their meat products, get this, to make the meat taste more like meat. The huge dosages of antibiotics and other chemicals that the cows are fed make the meat taste so disgusting that it's only by adding "tastes like meat" chemicals that they continue to fool the public into thinking they're getting a nice wholesome hamburger. Worse, their greed has gone so insanely beyond the human register that, instead of lowering the prices of their now-inferior products, they actually charge you even more today than when we WERE getting a good wholesome hamburger.

Remember that the founder and owner of Wendy's didn't just drop dead because he ate so much of his own nasty food with the artificially good taste. He'd previously had to undergo special surgery where the surgeons had to pull ten-food and twenty-foot lengths of fat out of his arteries, which is exactly what surgeons are supposed to do in those circumstances. Can you imagine being so clogged with fat that there's a big pile of stringy fat laying on the hospital floor next to you? If you're more than ten pounds overweight, you can bet you are just packed full of horrible fat.

And so, as a parent acts so does the child follow. Children rarely do as they're told; they rarely fail to do precisely as they are shown. This is the day to decide, because is only going to occur one time in your life. It's more uniquely labeled than any other resource in your life.     Did you ever think about that? This date is guaranteed never to occur again in your life. Even discounting the year, just the month and date alone are so unusual that you personally do not have a hundred of them left, do you? Perhaps not even fifty.

That's the reason for you starting to understand this today, making it your business and commitment, for the sake of your children or for the sake of yourself, to use to the fullest.

Enough Stalling - Rescue Your Own World!

Consign your children to dying young and fat and miserable, as you already have, as you have done right up until this very hour with your actions, the actions that teach. Or, conversely, pick up the phone immmediately and invite some of your friends and associates over, even if you don't like them but do respect the fact that they're honest, hard-working people.

If you're waiting for a Thomas E. Dewey or a Huey Long or a Martin Luther King to inflame your passions, don't bother waiting. Better to just admit you've failed, and leave the country for yet another loser's paradise of peurile pursuits.

This day of your life - - is never going to happen again.
Turn off the television, and when you come back from letting your kid's principal know that change must occur now,
after you've emailed your newspaper to tell them for the tenth time that you demand they investigate _____________,
pick up the phone and call a dozen people who work for a living, have children, and are carrying too much of the burden of our public employees and their obscene excesses with the national dollar, the state dollar, the country dollar, the town dollar, the village dollar, all of which come from, dammit, YOUR dollar.   Less talking to people who do not have decision-making authority. More talking to those who DO have decision-making authority.

From this moment, a tenth of every mindlessly minor conversation will be trimmed in order to have more time to address directly only those humans who have decision-making authority.

If you don't like something, you either change it or live with it. The current situation is no longer acceptable.

This in not an invitation to act;   it is an invocation to act... immediately. Turn off the television, pick up the telephone.

Rescue your own world!

YOU are making the difference
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