Whatever you do in the next ten minutes, and in the next 100 minutes, it will tell us EXACTLY where you'll be tomorrow.

Do you understand that no one escapes this reality?  Do you understand that you personally will experience more warmth and pleasure based on how much you are willing to focus with few or zero distractions?  One hundred minutes of trying something will all of your heart and soul, with all of your, yes, that's right, all of your focus, will almost surely inspire and motivate you to repeat those hundred minutes… … and within days, you are guaranteed to see profound influences taking hold; creating better impact, better results.

We'll either remember these next 100 minutes being typical,
or we'll remember them as being amazing minutes of striving for excellence.

How do you want to be remembered? Typical & average, or someone with passion?

As always, what you do in the next hour of your life will tell us clearly who you are. Go for it.

You don't quit because you fail...... it's the other way around

These are the highly effective shortcuts of masters and millionaires.

They are culled from the gems that flow from the mouths and pens of our universal role models.   They produce power and result so quickly, so decisively, that they are called PowerGems.

Use even one PowerGem per day, and watch what happens. Even better, enjoy what happens.

Every day many thousands of people die abolutely unexpectedly.  In our arrogance, we really don't believe it could be one of us.
You and those you know really believe that the laws of physics, of nature, do not apply to you.

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Ten Minutes To Success
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Ten Minute to Success

That's right. Ten minutes to success.
Take any one of the many PowerGems you'll find at
and you'll find yourself moving closer to success that much faster.
Whether it's asking more people for what you want... more times,
or offering two or more choices rather than just "Yes" or "No,"
or making a list of the organization and agencies that can help,
surely you realize that you're surround by such excellent resources,
moving you closer and closer to succeeding, as close as ten minutes to success.
Naturally, your mindset is first and perhaps foremost in such a dramatic undertaking.
Whatever else you believe, you ARE within ten minutes of success in any number of ways,
because whatever it is you're doing, it's certainly possible to learn to do it better, correct?
Just on board your own band-wagon. Put forth a bit more passion and effort,
and you shall see, perhaps sooner and with less effort than you'd expect,
that you are as little as ten minutes from success, now and forever.

Ten Minutes To Success does not mean you get to count all your new money in one day.
"Ten minutes to success" means making it happen attitudinally first, then aptitudinally.