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Golden Losers and Golden Winners - Which Group Are YOU In?
Golden Losers and Golden Winners - Actions Tell Us More Than Words!

Imagine being young, male, black... and terrible at basketball. So bad, in fact, that you blow two separate tryouts for the basketball team. So you try out for the baseball team. That coach did not joyfully greet your candicacy for a position on your junior high school baseball team, so you try the basketball coach again, who stood and patiently witnessed you throwing ten foul shots and scoring precisely zero of ten tries. What else needs to be said?

Finally the coach takes you aside, puts his arm around your shoulder, long before the time where he's subject and/or liable to be sued for racial discrimination, or arrested for child abuse, and patiently says, "Look, if you really want a spot on the team that bad, let's aim for next year. If you show up every single morning at 7:30 to practice for one year, I'll guarantee you a spot on next year's team."

Now, in one more instantly useful game of pretend, let's go ahead and imagine that you take the coach up on his offer and show up every morning more than thirty minutes before school starts. Do you know what happens?

In your case, we haven't got a clue, since it's all talk, As for the sixteen-year old kid who did in fact make the team the following year under the circumstances just described, it turned out that he was a lousy basketball player, and his teammates were unanimous in booting him off the team at the end of his year.

Unlike what we've seen from you so far, he did overcome his inability to shoot foul shots. There are some people here and there who believe he did more than that. As you may or may not know, the young teenager who got kicked off his basketball team for being so pitifully bad was none other than Michavel Jordan.

Because I cannot divine any helpful or useful reason to watch other people earn ten or a hundred thousand dollars per hour playing basketball, you cannot call me a basketball fan, other than as an occasional friendly player. That does not stop a few of us from opining that there is simply no chance of there being another Michavel Jordan anymore than we'll see another Babe Ruth. Excellence is excellence and it never occurs accidentally.

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