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Contact Info and Return Policy for NaturalSupermarket.com

If you do not require an "instant" answer, you can also email us at EMAIL.
Postal mail may be sent to: 1407 46th St, 11219

Return and Refund Policy

Products Return Policy
Dr. Cohen insists on every order being treated as if it's the most important one we'll handle today.
Every package is made up for you by hand, so you will never receive "defective"Packages of your natural supplements vitamins or remedies.
We will accept returns for a full 30 days from date of purchase, and ask you to agree that it's reasonable for us to limit the exchange to the same item notwithstanding exceptional circumstances.

Merchandise (Device) Return Policy
Returns will be accepted for 30 days after invoice date. Ship returns to: 1407 46th St, 11219. Include with the returned merchandise your reason for return or exchange.

Once your merchandise has arrived and been processed a credit will be applied to your credit card or new merchandise will be shipped.

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