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"With Bodyscan2010, and other highly advanced tools, you are provided with the best possible information with which to make better decisions."

A competent practitioner, one who is both trained and experientially skilled in the use of the Bodyscan, rarely needs more than a matter of minutes to impress you hugely with how much information we get today from biofeedback devices. As technology leaps forward, more and greater benefits accrue to all who develop even minor skills in telling the difference between crackpot ideas and hard, documented science. Pharmaceuticals should NOT be your doctor's first course or approach.

Guiding your approach to the Path of Better Shortcuts and naturopathic healing.

The Path of Better Shortcuts asseverates, with no small vigor of discourse, that pharmaceutical approaches fail several times for every once that they arguably deliver satisfactory results. That's not an opinion, it's prolifically documented.

Keep in mind, there is no such thing as a safe Rx, or it would NOT require an MD to sign an affidvat effectively swearing under oath to the government that patient was advised of all the reasons NOT to take that putative medicine.

This means healing faster, and more efficiently than with the vast variety of synthetic pharmaceuticals, every single one of which has horrid or deadly side effects. Why else do you think you need an M.D.'s signature to get that pharmaceutical? The answer is simple: the M.D. has been trained in the side effects, and it is given to the medical doctor to decide if the damage done by anything categorized as pharmaceutical might be outweighed by the intended benefit of that drug.

Not all of us realize just how much goes wrong because of a particular pharmaceutical. If there were no deaths or other terrible side effects, it would be sold over the counter, wouldn't it? The purpose of the drug is, without medical argument, an intended, calculated gamble. At least thirty percent of the time, the drug DOES accomplish its task.

Logically and analytically, that is a specious, dangerous position to take. Sorry to tell you, but the truth is, not one doctor in ten is willing to see patients unless they support his lavish, generally expensive lifestyle or investment portfolio. there are many hundreds of truly dedicated doctors across America. You and I both know, no matter what we might or might not admit out loud, that they are the rare, rare exceptions.   Without a doubt, money is the number one priority of most American doctors. For further support of this statement, look at your last medical bill, and look at the home your doctor lives in or the car your doctor drives. End of story.

The Bodyscan will not make its owner rich in money. Satisfaction and excellence is more in tune with what you can accomplish with this highly effective biofeedback therapy approach. Learn what's off-balance in your body, and specifically where, and you're in a far, far better position to make better decisions. If your goal is to have your doctor reduce and perhaps remove pharmaceutical drugs from your daily diet, you have to demonstrate to him or her that your body's natural systems are working well enough with natural approaches to justify their agreement.

No one says you'll do it overnight, because true high-speed medical reverses are the exception, not the rule. The fule of thumb we can all feel comfortable with is when we see an approach working consistently well, effective in its primary goal.

Having a body scan done with the Phazx Bodyscan2010 is non--invasive, often very relaxing, and highly informative to the competent and accomplished practitioner. The Bodyscan really is that usefully informative, beyond its basic value as a biofeedback therapy device.

Obviously, the skill of the person conducting the body scan assays plays a big part in the success of this biofeedback effort.

David Cohen has invested more than thirty years into the niche he certainly appears best-suited for: helping people to help themselves... naturally, without drugs or surgery. Eliminating pain and regaining the natural state of balance that we call health, how can any of us fail to pay attention to this unique and apparently unprecendented guarantee of satisfaction and results?     How many doctors do you know give hours and hours of free time each month, simply because they really do want the patient to get better?

Using highly advanced tools of technology to further strengthen thirty years of training, research and application, the skilled Bodyscan practitiner treats the Bodyscan as it deserves: a powerfully accurate tool -- literally the most accurate biofeedback device invented thus far -- which can only guide us towards better decisions leading to better health.

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based on the best role models around us all,
because those who do it better
have a great tendency to know better.
based on the best role models around us all,
because those who do it better
have a great tendency to know better.

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