Best Doctors Does Not Always Mean Best Doctors ... More Like "Best Earners"

Best doctors here and best doctors there,
the idea is to show the best doctors who share.
Best doctors are those who don't treat you like a dummy,
best doctors are those who care little for money.
Best doctors care enough to take their time,
concerned more with your health
than they are with the dime.

Teaching ourselves more about whatever may ail or concern us individually is the way to becoming our own best doctors.

As skilled as Dr. David Cohen is as a naturopath, as successful as Dr. Cohen has been helping people to help themselves,
even naming Dr. Cohen among the best doctors of his generation, naturopathic or otherwise,
does not relieve you of the responsibility for becoming your own best doctor.

NY naturopaths. If you're looking for the best NY naturopaths, start with Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC,
whose success rate astounds everyone because his methods are so fast, so effective.

Truly among the best naturopaths we are likely to soon meet, New York is lucky to have him.
Whether you live in California or Idaho, or even overseas, looking for the best naturopaths,
Dr. David Cohen is hereby nominated.

"Best doctors" - an intimidating phrase to some.
Too often we confuse "best earners" with "best doctors."

It is wisest to become our own best doctors,
naturally, with wisdom and technology.
That's where we find the good ones,
who really are the best doctors.

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Share the Path of Healthiest Living - A World Of Delight!

Sharing has a funny, pleasing way of returning, repeatedly

You already know that what goes up must come down, that what goes around comes around.
Today presents any number of opportunities for you, some you see, plenty that pass you by.
Today, the Path of Healthiest Living solicits your interest in developing your excellence.
So, pretend that today is that day in which you earn annual money in each work-hour.
Today is your focus, not the next 100 days of repeating and improving what you do today.
You can do it for 22 days, 100 days, 1000 days or more, provided you do it, fully, in THIS today.
What you do plays a distant second fiddle to what you do with what you know, demanding you do more.
When you awaken the Path of Healthiest Living within you, you are going to be positively electrified, as a habit.
When you imitate the best, the masters and millionaires, the champions and billionaires, you tend to imitate their results.
It is your day, your turn, your Path of Healthiest Living, your hunger driving the determination of how successful you will be today.

Best Doctors Does Not Always Mean Best Doctors ... More Like "Best Earners"

Have you ever noticed that we often confused "best doctors" with "best earners?"
Be your own best doctors, because the people you THINK are "best doctors are, mostly, just better talkers.