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    Bodyscans Testimonials
The combination of Bodyscan and Q.R.A. (Quantum Reflex Analysis) exceeds anything else identified by the Psychology of Longevity


I began doing Electrodermal Screening for a chiropractor in l992. In l995 I established my own clinic, Focus On Health, Inc., using Electrodermal Screening devices. In l998 I purchased two BodyScan 2010 systems. They have been a very helpful addition to my practice. I like the way the BodyScan prioritizes. It is reassuring to my clients as well as to myself.

A man came to me diagnosed medically with Hepatitis C. He was told it was a death sentence for him. He also had a condition where he had too much iron in his blood. Every couple weeks, blood was taken from this person to reduce the iron until the blood had too much iron again. The "bloodletting" process was then continued.   I scanned him and put him on a homeopathic program. After about six months, a doctor told him the Hepatitis C was no longer active. He was told 75% of his liver was damaged by scar tissue and that the liver could not be revived. My client tells me, however, that his bloating is gone and that he feels great! His iron condition, according to blood tests, has also corrected itself.

I see things like this happen all the time and it still amazes me. That is why I love my work and itís so rewarding. I receive great satisfaction seeing sick people regain their health. My goal is to give the best service to people who entrust their care to me.

Elsie is certified by the American Association of Acupuncture and Bioenergetic Medicine.


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